Weclome To My Mind

"...its where you stand                                
          that determines what you see..."


"...give what you can, take what you need..."

Real Name:
   tim st.clair

   "frumbert"   (it's a long story)

   computer technician

Age Group:

   tamworth, australia

Email Address:

Favourite Colour:
   emerald green

Favourite Web Site:
   the onion

Favourite Celebrity:
   milla jovovich

Grumble Most About:
   mobile phones    page banners

General Information:
    i like to mess around with computers. they intrigue me. i have built two so far: one from the paper up, the other my current pc. i have many types, even ones dating back to before i was born. i still like to pull them out some days and crank up a game, or try to recreate cutting edge programs on them.

i also enjoy very much writing - i haven't had anything published yet, but that's not my intention for now. my stories tend to be science fiction and comedic fantasy. my poetry tends to be zen explorations and vaporous thoughts exposed.

i have a love of electronic music - everything from brian eno at his best to the hardest speedcore to synthetic grooves; right along to extrordinary contempory artists such as bjork. i would like to be able to create music akin to what i hear, but this skill is not my strongest. i also enjoy the beastie boys, bach, and 'early' music, but not mozart.

i particularly like to play around with design. i cannot draw. indeed, i have difficulty pencilling my name. i enjoy watercolour painting, though i haven't done it for years.

my dream is to be able to interact with my computer without knowing it. i have been planning ways to realise this dream. for now, i am content with thinking about what is possible.

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