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welcome to my music downloads page
here you will find tracks in either mp3 or native module format, free to download. i've used freely avaliable programs like fasttracker 2, buzz & inertia tracker to create all these tracks. mp3's have been encoded using l3enc. most of the modules have been resurrected from the archives, up to 4 years old, so it's advisable to use the latest software for playback (for better mixing). i've also rar'd the modules: you'll need winrar or similar to unpack them (better compression than zip for this type of file).

please email me if you want to redistribute them, or to tell me what you think of them!

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strange attractoroishinis it you
morphogenesiscacophoniccool blue evening
risksdimples remixa pal of mine
westernfleeting memoryinteger
non tres funkthe gentleman loser 



frumbert's themeno namebit streams
mcd remix  






sample netmaz sound toolssonique player
rebirtht.g. virusrotorkopf buzz
cavemanmad manbuzz scene
internet radioClub Groovej j j



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