New This Week!


Imagine yourself slaving at the hot stove for hours on end while you try to make dinner for yourself or your family, and just when it's all going right, and the soufflé is ready, you accidently add coffee instead of sugar to the mixture. What do you do?

Well, if you're hungry enough, you'll get take away instead. That's what I do.

And welcome to Frumbert's Cooking Disasters, a bi-monthly cook-umentry on the interesting and sometimes mind-expanding adventures we can get up to in the kitchen when it's time to eat.

Haven't worked out the secret to microwave pastry? Don't know if you should boil or fry a salad? What about casserole - can you do it in a saucepan if you don't have a dish? Don't know how to operate the oven at all? That's ok, nor do I - but we'll learn together.

That's right, if you've got an interesting tale, preferably with some photographic proof, by all means send them in for the world to see (and learn from).

And remember, it's not a real disaster until it's black all the way through.

Eggs. Gotta love em. But what happens when you want to make quiche, and you don't have all the right ingredients? No! You're not going shopping at this hour. Pastry's made of flour - right? Can I substitute?