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if you're here it means you'd like more information regarding me, my work and maybe to see other examples of web sites i've designed or written.

if you want to ask for technical help, i am most certainly avaliable in that regard, or if you would like design tips for your existing site, likewise.

my preferred communications style is email, and my preferred address is frumbert@hotmail.com.


contact details
email addresses:
  • frumbert@hotmail.com (preferred)
  • tim@janison.com.au (work email)
  • tim@mcdonagh.com.au (old email)

    icq addresses:

  • 7831716 - home (frumbert)
  • 30695157 - work (tim@work)


  • 02 6766 7542 - work (Janison Solutions)

    web page:

  • http://members.xoom.com/frumbert/
  • http://frumbert.mcsonline.com.au/
  • reference sites
    pages i designed
    site name: Janison Solutions Showcase
    url: http://www.showcase.janison.com.au/
    description: online showcase of online training product (login required).
    components: icons, logo, asp programming, dhtml, html and xml coding, numerous other components of product.

    site name: McDonagh Computer Services Homepage
    url: http://www.mcdonagh.com.au/
    description: business homepage for my previous employer.
    components: all page design, programming and content (including images)

    site name: MCSOnline
    url: http://www.mcsonline.com.au/
    description: site for an ISP.
    components: all page design, programming and content (including images)

    site name: West Tamworth Leagues Club
    url: http://www.wtlc.com.au/
    description: Business homepage.
    components: flash animation (logo), code design tips only.

    site name: Universal Composts
    url: http://www.mcsonline.com.au/
    description: Business homepage
    components: page layout and programming of single user-supplied image.

    site name: Personal Homepage
    url: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Studio/8398/index.html
    description: My old personal homepage from 1998 (now abandoned).
    components: all page design, programming and content (including images)

    design philosophy
    rants and raves
    just a little on why i design the way i do.

    i find that after a while, users will prefer a common sense approach to web pages and their contents. after all, the reason you look at a web page is either for shopping, or getting information. when converned with the latter, it is often bad for a web page to cram in as much information onto the one page as possible, the way several large corporate sites such as telstra.com and ninemsn.com do.

    i try to keep my web pages clean looking, in one or two columns only, and relatively uncluttered. i find that this keeps the focus on the information that is on the page, not neccesarily the focus on the design of the page. i try to add depth using sparse colours (this site being a bad example of this) as it makes important details - ie those more colourful than their surrounds - jump out. pages with a slew of colours and dancing images tend to detract from the overall focus of the page, both in the information and design sense.

    the most important thing to me in good web design is to never lose focus of what the page is trying to achieve - some corporate homepages such as the Web Consortium don't go for fancy layouts or effects because the only purpose of the page is provide lots of techinal information in a standardised format. even though tools and tricks are available on electronic media, one musn't let go of the layout principals of printed media - make things clear, or as the old saying goes 'Keep It Simple, Stupid' (KISS).

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