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This utility is useful when you have embedded a custom HTML page as an iframe but want it to be included inside the package rather than relying on the external reference this creates in the Rise package. This tool will download that file, add it to the package assets folder then modify the URL so that it will load the local resource, then repackage the Zip for you.

Example: is downloaded to assets/interaction.html and replaced in courseData with assets/interaction.html?id=p4q2

Note: This utility does not recurse into the downloaded file, however you can also add multiple extra files to the assets folder - such as files referenced by your custom pages. You can also add any custom CSS which will be appended after other styles in the package index page.

Rise Package:

Extra assets: (will be added to assets/ folder)

Find url: (replace with assets/*)

Custom CSS (added to index.html):