tim st. clair

Hi, I am a web coder from coffs harbour, australia.

Avide / Coursesuite

I currently work part time at CourseSuite / Avide Elearning, producing e-learning materials, skinning Moodle sites, crafting SCORM packages, and integrating elearning into corporate products.

Some of our work includes products and development for:

I also have created an internal webapp for rapid content authoring for Avide / CourseSuite that significantly cost-reduces the content authoring process.

Janison (previous work)

I worked for over a decade at a local company known as Janison, who produced [then] an e-learning management and authoring tool (LMS) known as Toolbox (later called Janison LMS). Janison have since moved out of the LMS space.

Some of the key areas I developed (often by myself) in the LMS system were:

I parted ways as their company direction changed, preferring to work in smaller organisations without top-heavy management.

McDonagh Computers (early days)

In the late 1990's, I was a computer repair technician working for a Tamworth based organisation that sold and repaired computers. I started as the single technician in a 4 person business, and helped build it up to a 20+ staff organisation across 3 towns in the region.

My skills in particular were dealing with on-site repair (out of town, often on mining sites, factories, depots, or other small businesses) without access to many spare parts, and thus I learned to improvise fixes and always left a site with a workaround where a final solution was not possible. I worked with AS400 systems, Windows NT networks, Novell Netware LAN's, Windows 3.11 networks, and even the crazy phone-cable jigs that Apple had before Ethernet solved everything.

I also was the region's only "Mac" guy, servicing everything from re-soldering ancient Apple 2's through to repairing the flyback transformers in high-end RasterOps monitors, plus laptop repairs, data recovery, warranty replacements, you name it.

Late in the days of McDonagh, I also got into Perl-based web programming - the early days of the dynamic web.

I left McDonagh's to join the startup Janison, who offered further development of my programming and design skills.