Hi, I'm frumbert.

I'm a web coder living in Repton, NSW, Australia.

I started using email & telnet in 1989, the web in 1993-ish on the NCSA Mosiac web browser, irc in 1994, and coding HTML in 1995. In 1996 I got into Macromedia Director, then afterwards FutureSplash (later renamed Flash), then Javascript and Perl. From then on my programming career has led me through classic asp, dotnet / mvc, java, nodejs and php.

I currently write javascript web apps, do custom moodle programming, and some web design (and mod Minecraft), and batch scripts to do repetitive tasks; well, you should get it: mostly I code.

Online presence

You could google frumbert and track down all the things I've missed below - I've been using this nic since the early 1990's (since they called them nic and not avatar), so it's pretty much entrenched in the internet by now.


You can nose about in my old sites using the Wayback Machine (more here, even more). If you're adventurous, you can check out my online site archive or its predecessor, which are both from the deep dark days of the web when you did your animations with hacky gif files or java applets. There's some jaw-dropping design in there (probably not the good sort).